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How We Became the Best!

For more than 30 years Uncle Ray Hartfield has been making the best deep fried turkeys in the world. Long before the time of current Cajun Fried Turkey popularity this family recipe, born straight out of the heart of Jackson, MS, has been known from New York City to Los Angeles and all over the US as Uncle Ray's Fried Turkeys. Much like Colonel Sanders of KFC™; in 1973, Ray Hartfield was actually made a Colonel by the Governor of Mississippi Cliff Finch.

"Our soul food will move your soul..."

Uncle Ray's Deep Fried Turkeys began as a small project more than 10 years ago, and has since blossomed into something bigger. We pride ourselves on quality food and promise that our soul food will move your soul. Some of our existing customers even order up to ten turkeys at one time!

Simply delicious and fresh, Uncle Ray's turkeys are shipped within 2 days to your door so you and your guests can enjoy a wonderful turkey dinner during the holidays or on any occasion. This is the original southern deep fried turkey and it is also the very best. Uncle Ray's Deep Fried Turkeys, a taste of Southern comfort when only the original will do.



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